Saturday, August 7, 2010


I've been flying in seat 17A the past 4 trips to and from Alabama. Here is what I've realized:
1) I prefer sitting by older men.
2) The drink trolly they roll around have every drink imaginable.
3) The overhead bins are bigger on the DEF side of the plane instead of the AB side.


1) On my way to Alabama 2 weeks ago, I sat by a younger women (approx 25). She was terrified of flying. If you know my friend Touchette and the way she hates big dogs, that is the exact way this girl was acting as we were sitting there and the stewardesses were cross checking for take off(what does that even mean?). She starts panting and blabbing on about how she needs a drink, but can't because they are so expensive then decides she might want to go ahead and order one anyway but she has to drive an hour home after she lands so its probably not a good idea, but because its just a small drink maybe it won't be effecting her by the time its time to land and she's collected her baggage. That went on, BEFORE takeoff. I looked up to make sure I was in the right seat, unfortunately I was. So I sat, ipod in hand inviting me to drown her out, but obviously thats rude while she's freaking out so I just sit there and listen. We take off, she's panting with that little barf bag in her face, the flight attendant had already come by to make sure she would be okay, see if she needed anything, then the attendant told me to call her if we needed anything. Awesome.
The Return flight:
There was another lady that I got to sit next to flying home (approx 50), has kids about my age and was flying to Dallas for a High School Reunion. She hated flying too. Luckily once we took off she was fine and she explained to me that she was just going to talk because she had to do something while the plane got going but I didn't have to listen. So I listen, she's planning her daughters wedding thats happening soon, nervous about her reunion, hasn't seen these people in forever, yada yada yada. I would chose her anyday over younger girl, but it was awkward when the conversation had reached its end and then what? We both just kinda shuffle around, look out the window, then I just tell her I have a magazine if she'd like to read it, thankfully she says yes and I pull out my book and all is good.

This past week was great. No delays. No issues with bags. No people freaking out because of flying. This round trip they gave me the can of whatever beverage I had chosen. It was good.

On the way I sat next to this little boy (approx 7) and his dad was taking care of the 3 kids. The dad and 2 kids were on the opposite side of the aisle. This little boy was next to me. He just sat in his chair, got hungry, so his dad gave him an apple. He starts eating it and its dripping everywhere. I hate being sticky, so I just keep an eye on him to make sure it stays on his side of the chairs. He eats the outer layer, then wraps it in his shirt. Twists it in there nice and tight and places the wrapped apple in between his forearm and bicep and squeezes. His dad comes over to check on him and ask what he's doing and he says he wants the juice out. His dad explains that the juice is good, and that his going to make his shirt sticky and smelly. His reply: "I don't care" so his dad says okay, and walks off. After his dad is gone the kid unrolls the apple from his shirt and leans his nose down to his shirt (instead of picking his shirt up to his nose) and smells it. I obviously laugh and he just continues eating his apple. The drink cart rolls by and I ask him if he'd like a drink and he looks at me and very seriously says, yes, tomato juice. I said are you sure and he said yes. So i told the lady and she hands it to me then asks for my drink order. By the time I get my drink he has chugged this tomato juice. Naturally I laugh again because what child drinks tomato juice and likes it? I've never had it so obviously i'm curious if its good. The return flight I order it. It's not good. It's thick. and smells HORRIBLE. gag. The rest of the time the kid just watches a movie on his ipod, (about an inch away from his face cause the screen is pretty little) and giggles. Funny kid.
The Return trip:
Board the plane, older man, we sit down and don't exchange anything but pleasantries. It was beautiful. I could just listen to my ipod, read, or look out the window. In conclusion, girls talk too much. Kids on planes are either really good or really bad. Luckily this little boy was good, but it could have been terrible. Old men are just cute and don't talk too much, and when/if they do its usually really funny.

2) As I explained in comment #1, I got the can of tomato juice. Well unfortunately I drank not even a sip and was stuck with the can and cup sitting there full. I looked wasteful, but couldn't bring myself to drink it. Props to that kid. He's a healthy little bean. But I'm glad I didn't go out and buy tomato juice. I decided to experiment with all kinds of drinks and never get the same thing. SO suggestions are welcome? What's your favorite drink on a plane? So far I've ordered Water, Cranberry Juice, Tomato Juice, and once I got nothing (but that was before the experiment).

3) This might seem like a duh when you initially read that because there are more seats on that side of the plane, but when you look at it as you walk thru the aisle, they are the same length, but the DEF go deeper, so to those of you who have trouble getting your luggage in, try the other side of the plane next time and see if it helps, it did for me.
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