Monday, August 31, 2009


Today is Bryce's birthday and I'm sad I'm not there to celebrate the big double digits so I'm posting a few of my favorite pictures of him...

HAPPY 10TH BIRTHDAY BOB!!!!!!! hugs and kisses! :)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The week...

Hello all... Okay so the internet has been down and back up and either I just don't feel like updating or the internet is down so I apologize for this being so delayed...

The week at the hospital was awesome. This was my first full week and it went better then I could have imagined. The hospital here has always wanted a Child Life Specialist but doesn't have the budget to hire one, so when I showed up they were really excited. That being said, they had no expectations and really just let me go on my own. When we talked about it all, it sounded great but now that I have had the week to myself and to hangout and help the kids its been somewhat scary.. I have been making all kinds of coloring books about getting operations and different procedures but have just left it up to the nurses to do all the medical talk. I just basically do medical play and activities with the kids until I get comfortable around everything to do more.. Basically I'm just taking baby steps until I feel like I can do more and day by day seeing what I think needs to be done. Its been good, but all the freedom has been a little scary.

This past weekend I went to Athens for the NeedToBreathe concert which was incredible. The band was awesome and being in the venue when so many people were just loving the music and god and just being around so many people was awesome. They have a new CD that came out on tuesday I think and they played a few songs from it. I went with emily and met some of her friends and met up with some of the ranch kids so it was a fun group that wasn't too big, but big enough that we could all have fun... I only have a few pictures, but here are a few...

This is Annalee and I... She's a Rancher...

Today was Sunday so we went to church, which was good but emily and I are still trying to find a church that suites us so we are still in search for one we like... We'll see, hopefully soon we can find one but after lunch we ate with the grandparents which was fun because they make everything homemade and old fashioned so its fun to visit with them and do something different on sundays. Tonight there was a party here for all the doctors and their wives from the hospitals so em and I helped set up and hang out for a bit then hid upstairs watching movies...

This week will be good... Always something different in the hospital so its not usually boring... It is one of our patients 16th birthday on tuesday and she's been in the hospital for a while so I'm trying to think of something special she can enjoy because it sucks to be in the hospital at all, let alone on your birthday, and of all birthdays its your 16th.. Which at that age is a big deal so if you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know. She has to stay in her bed which is the hard part.. I'm getting a bunch of stuff together to decorate her room but she can't have cake or sweets either... So.. That being said, let me know if anything comes to mind.

That's all for now... love from romeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Soo this is a brief overview of this last week since its been crazy busy, but a good busy..

At the beginning of the week I got to go flying in a little jet because Emily and her dad are both taking lessons to get their pilots license. So she asked if I wanted to go flying and I said umm yes...

So it was a lot of fun, the instructor is named Earl Tillman and he's a funny sweet old man. Here are some pictures... It was a tiny.. It could hold 4 people... Emily was really good at talking to the radio towers. She sounded like a seasoned pilot. The last picture is when we flew over Rome and took a picture of her house.. If you look real close, in the front of the house you can see my little silver car on the light part of the driveway. Maybe not on this blog.

It was cool... I want to be a pilot now. Not really but maybe.. I got an internship type job at Floyd Medical Center. This family has been so gracious in helping me get plugged in and finding something that I really want to do... I'll be working in the Pediatrics unit and just kinda showing them what I can do, helping the kids, showing them the idea of a Child Life Specialist... More like an activity coordinator, i'll be planning activities and hanging out with all the kids that are there... So it's perfect, I don't have strict hours and they are really excited to have some extra help with someone that knows a little more about the hospital then most volunteers. I get to wear scrubs everyday so that is a huge bonus... Last night we went out for sushi, Em had to babysit so I went with the parents and it was a hoot...THe internet has been down because of all these storms coming through but Ill try to post at least once a week or so with updates and info on the job.. That's all I got, I hope everyone is doing well!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Georgia on my mind

I am finally in Georgia!!! This trip kept getting postponed, but I made it! I left Monday morning at 9:30-ish and traveled out of Texas, in and out of louisiana and mississippi (which was gorgeous and lots of fun to drive through) then into alabama where I stayed to see some friends for the evening. It was perfect timing because Kim got back from the Ranch the night before and was leaving this morning for the beach and it was perfect that I was passing through that night so I got to see her! So after 9 hours in the car I made it and got to hangout and see some ranch friends then eat breakfast this morning with them and hit the road to rome! I got here this afternoon and unloaded the car, ate some lunch and visited with Mrs. Brock for a little bit. This family seems wonderful and I am so excited to live here for the next several months!

Some prayer requests: For mom as she continues to heal from surgery and for a healthy/speedy recovery because I know its killing her to be waited on and not be able to do anything herself. As well as prayers for this semester as everyone is beginning new adventures and figuring out which direction to go..

I'll post pictures of the Brock's and their wonderful home when I get some more spare time..


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Micah 7:8

Do not rejoice over me, my enemy;
When I fall, I will rise;
Though I sit in darkness,
The Lord will be my light.
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